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Curry County, NM was created in 1909 from Quay and Roosevelt CountiesClovis is the County Seat and was created by the Santa Fe RR in 1907.    For County History Click here

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Before you send a "Lookup Request" or post a "Query" to anyone please read Internet Genealogy by Bettie Cummings Cook, CG.

List of  Names of Aliens With Intent to Become Citizens for  Roosevelt, Curry, Chavez Counties, NMThis book is in the Portales library with the full alien registration.  I will be happy to do lookups for anyone who is interested.  Carefully check spelling as the list given to me says there are errors and writing on applications were difficult to read.  Genealogy information can be found on these pages, including wife’s name, children and births, country of origin, ship’s name and port of entry.  I also have Military Service Records of WW11, and Military Discharges for Roosevelt County (all wars)  that I will do lookups in.  Janelle Foster

I will do lookups in the Curry County History Book, The High Plains History Book, and the Brooks Family history book. These books are collections of family histories of Curry County, and county records. Lookups request should be for one surname and must include a first name or initial with a date and location to search. Pat Bennet   or  Debra Schafer.   Only e-mail one of these volunteers.

High Plains History 1909 tax records and Curry County Tombstone Inscriptions. Curry County Cemetery list. Cemetery to search in must be included in request. One surname with a first name or initial. Also available are cemeteries for Roosevelt, DeBaca, and Quay Counties in New Mexico. World War II Veterans for Curry, Roosevelt and Quay Counties, New Mexico. Curry County Marriages before 1920. Remember Lookup request should be for one surname and must include a first name or initial and a date and location to search. E-mail Harold Kilmer for research in the above publications.


Researching the Gurule surname? Check out our web site, Angela Lewis


Clovis Branch Family History Center. They have published Obits from 1912 thru 1996. This Obit Index is now (4/1/2001) on line in the NMGenWeb digital Archives. From research of Clovis Newspapers they have collected Obits from 1912 thru 1990. I have a list of Curry County Marriages, 1905-1947.  I will do a lookups in these holdings if  given a Surname, First name, area and date in which to search.   Harold Kilmer.


CURRY COUNTY GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY (CCGSofNM) of New Mexico has the following holdings which they have collected or published: Family Histories. Clovis City Directories, 1939-1995, (some years missing). Clovis High School Year Books, 1915-1997, (some years missing). Clovis Funeral Home Records, 1908-1997, index collected by CCGSofNM members. E-mail Harold Kilmer  for lookups of one surname in the above publications. Request must include a first name or initial and a year to search. Will do further research for a small fee plus the cost of copies and postage.


ROOSEVELT COUNTY SEARCHERS GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY will do Lookups for one surname in our resources. Request must include a first name or initial, area and a year to search.


Will do one Lookup for one surname in Curry, De Baca, and Quay Counties, NM for a brand lookup in the 1934 and 1977 New Mexico Brand book. This is for East Central New Mexico only. Type in the Subject Box of the e-mail the SURNAME and First name; and in the body of the message the year and area to search in and any other information you may have. Harold Kilmer.

Will do one Lookup in the 1899 New Mexico Brand Book for a person who was in this area prior 1900. This book is not indexed by name. It is indexed by brands. Submit a drawing with a description of the brand to be located for one Lookup. Send request for a Brand Lookup to Harold Kilmer.


Lookup resources will be listed as they become known and available. If you have any history or record books, if you are able to go to the local library and check available census or newspaper records, if you would be willing to help in any way, please e-mail Harold Kilmer so that you and your resources can be listed here.

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